Your American Air Experience

We appreciate having BJ as our rep. He is always quick to respond and able to provide answers to any questions or concerns we have. They did a great job installing our system a few weeks ago.  We really appreciate having American Air taking care of us!

Todd Inman


Your American Air Experience

Your product display at Costco caught my attention because I knew both of my heat pump units were in need of repair. The compressor in my downstairs unit had failed and my upstairs unit had problems when I used it in the AC mode. I took some product literature and registered my contact information. I received a follow up call soon after and we set up an appointment.


Lamar met me at the house and we both soon realized that repair was not going to be economically feasible due to the compressor needing replacement and the age of the units (19 yrs.).  Lamar was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions (and I had a lot of questions). Lamar worked up a quote and it really was an exceptional value, so installation was scheduled for my next day off.


The installation crew arrived on time and immediately began installation of the new unit. The installation technicians were friendly and knowledgeable, answered all my questions and showed me how to program the new thermostats. The installation went better than planned as they were able to install both units in one day.


The system is working great, and I received a follow up call to ensure everything was operational and there were no issues with the installation. I rate the total experience from start to finish as exceptional. I have already recommended American Air to one of my friends at work.


Duane Kierstead

Cleveland, TN


New Unit

Thanks so much for all your help in our decision to purchase a new heat/air system. Your presentation and comparisons of different units we were considering made our decision an easy one. We are totally happy with our new LENNOX system and would recommend it to anyone.

American Air's partnership with Costco was a plus and made the price for the system a real bargain. In addition, besides the great price, our expectations were exceeded on the installation. We were totally surprised at the expertise, effort, and professionalism that Eric and Michael demonstrated during the installation. It was greatly appreciated by Carolyn and me.
Randy and Carolyn Rolen


 Thanks for everything!

Our Heritage 16 is working wonder's. Although it's a 4 ton unit it stays in low and when it shifts up it does for minutes and then back down.  The main reason I chose to go with your company is because of BJ's presentation and your company face book page with pictures. The install is more important than the brand you get in my opinion. You all went above and beyond to work out the kinks of the install during the HOTTEST summer on record. I was concerned about your safety in the hot oven of my attic.  You have our business and all my extended family's as well. I just wanted to say thank you for everything....



A nice, cool home

Hi Guys, I just wanted to write and tell you how happy we were with the reinstallation of our 1 year old American Standard central AC unit and replacement of our ductwork. Our house is nice and cold and the system needs to run a fraction of the time it did the first year it was in place. The best part is - no more casino online leaks! I just wish I'd called you first; you all are true professionals and did an amazing job.
Thanks again.




Dear American Air Associates,

We purchased one of your American Standard Units back in 2004. I was pleased with the promptness of the service call and installation of the new unit. What really surprised me was when we got my next two electrical bills, it showed a credit of $350.00 where the unit was more efficient and used less to operate. We continue to have good service from the American Standard Product and have not had any services calls since the installation. I would also like to mention that it is a very quiet running unit. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.




I am very satisfied with the service and the equipment sold by American Air in Ooltewah, TN. Over the years I have replaced both my units with American Standard and the equipment has not missed a beat reminding me of the slogan 'it takes a licking and keeps on ticking'. Our utility bills have been kept in line because of the superior efficiency of the American Standard units and the American Air service personnel are professional and courteous. I would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for a first rate company selling first rate equipment.

Ooltewah area


American Air in Ooltewah, TN. provided us with outstanding service and the equipment has been flawless. Over the past 5 years, I have replaced both of our units with American Standard Equipment and lowered my electric bill and usage considerably. I would recommend them to anyone needing to lower their current utility bill or looking for a company that services what they sell... Contact American Air HVAC for an assessment or service…

Harrison area