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Our business started with our family, a husband and wife team, and our kids. We devoted everything to this business because we believe in quality HVAC service. In 2002, shortly after the horrific act of 9/11, we started American Air HVAC based on the American pride so many of us showcase day-to-day. We wanted to capture the essence of this in our business model. 

We are proud to be your local, family owned and operated HVAC service company. Each specialist on our team is devoted to your residential or commercial project. Complete customer satisfaction is our mission, quality referrals are what we strive for, and solutions are our sweet spot. American Air HVAC is also an active member of the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Let us introduce you to our team members, keep scrolling for more information. 

Our Team
During the early days of our company, each family member dedicated countless time to the growth of the business. From dad investing everything, to our sons working on projects after school—until they graduated and joined the business full-time—to mom creating hand made flyers and delivering them door-to-door. We were, and have always been, committed to the mission of offering top-tier HVAC service to the community. 

Flash forward 15 years, and American Air HVAC is one of the top recommended heating and cooling service business in the Chattanooga area. We could not do it without you. We attribute a majority of our success to our amazing clients, quality customer service, family values, and dedication to learning something new every year to help expand and improve our business in some capacity. Read more about our team and local reviews below. 


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